Three Line Third Wheel Stories

by The Cowl Editor on February 8, 2018


Shattered heart
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His voice is all I can hear,

And she calls him dear.

Can I please just disappear?

—Marisa DelFarno ’18


Walking out of my dorm, my two friends see me and invite me to come to the dining hall.

I find their booth, and they are both sitting on the same side, already done eating.

I sit down and eat in silence, as they feast on each other with their eyes.

—Connor Zimmerman ’20


I love my two best friends, we do almost everything together.

We three drink, sleep, eat, play, and laugh all day,

Sometimes they make it weird and kiss and hold hands, but I don’t mind.

—Jay Willett ’20


It was kind of like the third person on the sidewalk

But worse…

Because I hear one of them whisper, “how do we get rid of her?”

—Sam Pellman ’20