Executive Letters of Intent

by The Cowl Editor on March 19, 2018

Congress Updates

Below are the letters of intent for the students running for executive positions on the Board of Multicultural Student Affairs (BMSA) and Student Congress.

 Elections begin on Sakai Wednesday, March 21, 2018 and ends Thursday, March 22, 2018

Letters of Intent: BMSA

Secretary: Colleen DaCosta

To Whom It May Concern: My name is Colleen DaCosta and I intend on running for the position of Secretary of the Board of Multicultural Student Affairs (BMSA). I am a junior biology major and I have been a member of BMSA since my sophomore year. Additionally, I am the Head RA of Meagher Hall. Under my various positions on campus, I have maintained organization and tenacity within each of my respective involvements. Given my experience within this organization, I believe I am a qualified candidate for the position of secretary. As I run for this position, I promise to abide by the guidelines articulated at the ethics review.

Thank you, Colleen DaCosta

Treasurer: Caroline Garica-Then

Hello Students of PC. I would like to serve as the Treasurer for BMSA for the upcoming year of 18-19. I have had experience as being the Treasurer for Women Empowered for the past two years. WE is a club that empowers multicultural women through engaging the campus in activities that brings awareness to issues and also accomplishments that women of color encounter daily, both on and off campus. BMSA has been a defining experience and the role as a treasurer in WE has impacted a part of my identity strongly.

BMSA has been an important aspect in my leadership experience here at PC. I now want to integrate myself and be a bigger part of the influence that BMSA has had and continues to have on this campus. The power and impact that is portrayed through BMSA inspires me now more than ever to advocate not only for multicultural women that are a part of the LGBQ+ community like myself but to bring cultural awareness across all sectors. I hope to help this organization grow and expand because I know the work I will be doing will allow me to do that,
as well and you all as BMSA members

Vice President: Hannah Mackie

Hey Friar Fam,

My name is Hannah Mackie, I’m a junior Global Studies and Sociology double major running for Vice President of BMSA. I am currently abroad in Amman, Jordan, and I spent last semester studying in Nepal. As much as I have enjoyed my incredible adventures abroad, I am excited to come back home to Providence, and to my campus family.

BMSA is a welcoming and supportive community, on a campus which is hard to describe in the same way. Simultaneously though, BMSA always challenges its students and collaborating faculty to be constantly growing and learning. BMSA has introduced me to so many new friends and experiences, and given me a safe place on campus. I am running for exec because on the whole, PC needs to do better, and I want to be a part of the change that pushes the students, and the institution, in that direction.

Over the course of my last two semesters abroad, I have been exposed to so many new people, places and traditions. I was welcomed into foreign families and communities with open arms, and challenged to live and thrive different in homes, communities, languages, and cultures. I was welcomed recklessly to share my life with new friends and family abroad, and that is something that I will export home to PC. Regardless of our many differences, we all have the capacity to celebrate the many things that bring us together.

Providence College is a beautifully diverse community, in more ways than we allow ourselves to realize. I want to see people empowered to celebrate themselves, their identities, and the things that they are proud of. PC should be a community of bold authenticity, allyship and support. It’s about time that we actually start acting like the “friar family” that we claim to be. I want to be a part of the change, dialogue, and activism that pushes us there.



President: Fartune Abdulle

Dear Providence College,

My name is Fartun Abdulle and I am a Health Policy and Management major with a Black Studies minor. As a rising senior, I am running for the President of the Board of Multicultural Student Affairs in hopes to continue contributing to what I think is the best student organization on this college campus. BMSA has been my home since sophomore year and it is my hope that it becomes a home for many students throughout their college experience. During last year’s campaign, I focused on my goal of leading BMSA in a direction of social activism, change and solidarity. I am proud to say this organization is one that promotes advocacy and acceptance and my role as President is to extend the work we do in BMSA to the larger Providence College community. My hope is that PC trusts me with the responsibility to foster community and family not only within the organization, but within the larger community of our school.

Peace and Blessings,


Letters of Intent: Student Congress

Secretary: Abigail Northgraves

My name is Abby Northgraves, I’m a rising senior, psychology and marketing double major. I’m running for Executive Secretary of Student Congress. I’m currently the Chair of the Committee of Public Affairs of Student Congress. Prior to being appointed as Chair, I served as Secretary for the Class of 2019. My accomplishments as 2019 Secretary included recording meeting minutes from weekly class meetings, tracking attendance and community service hours, and working with fellow Class of 2019 Exec members to plan evens and fundraisers. As Chair of the Committee on Public Affairs, I oversee the committee which is responsible for advertisements, social media content, Congress updates in the Cowl, and events such as Congress Café. (Shameless plug: Congress Café is a general info session for anyone interested in being a part of Student Congress on Thursday, March 22nd at 5pm in Moore Hall!).

My experience on Congress has strengthened my ability to collaborate on projects, engage in conversations with others from different backgrounds, and discover new ways to promote the flourishing of students at PC. I’m extremely passionate about Congress, PC, and its students. If elected, I intend to work to make Student Congress a better resource for addressing all student interests.

Secretary: Peter Shanley

With this letter, I am very proud to say that I am running for the position of Executive Secretary of the 69th Student Congress of Providence College. Having been on Student Congress since my freshmen year, I feel that I have grown in this organization into a place where now I feel that I can lead. As I am sure many others feel, Providence College has given me a home away from home and a large part of that is due to the great community that is the student body of our college. To be able to serve this community as a voice for them on Congress during my senior year would be a true honor. My goals for Student Congress moving forward would be to continue establishing good lines of communication between Congress and the other major clubs on campus, such as BOP, BMSA and Friars Club. Also, I would do my best to deliver the wants and needs of the student body to the administration of the college in such a way that our message is heard and acted upon. Thank you and Go Friars!

Treasurer: John Stablien

Hello, Student Body. I am running to be your Executive Treasurer for the 69th Student Congress. I was urged to run for this position last year, but I did not feel ready for the position, yet. I decided to run for class treasurer and gain exposure to the position and to be a member of the Finance Committee. With being class treasurer this year, I feel I have the ability and knowledge to take on the responsibilities as Executive Treasurer for this upcoming year. Best of luck to all of the other candidates running for executive positions.


Vice President: Devon Guanci

I, Devon Guanci, am seeking the position of Executive Vice President for the upcoming year. As a returning member of Student Congress, I am willing and capable of working collaboratively with my peers to accomplish goals for our class and the entire PC community. This past year, I had the privilege of taking on the role of Legislative Affairs Chair. As a result, I have gained significant insight as a leader of the club. In this role, I was responsible for leading a committee as well as preparing the legislation for our weekly meetings. I am comfortable being in a leadership position and I am confident in my ability to lead the club as a member of exec. As a double legacy student, I am fortunate to attend a school that has always been such a big part of my life. I am passionate about creating the best experience for everyone at PC; I will continue giving my focused attention and tireless effort. I am so grateful to have been able to work together with other student leaders these past three years and I ask for your vote in this upcoming election to continue this progress.

Vice President: Kristen Colabatistto

Hey Friars, my name is Kristen Colabatistto and I am excited to announce that I am running for Exec Vice President of Student Congress. As a freshman and sophomore I was a member of the Outreach Committee, planning events for the PC community, as well as the surrounding community. Then as a junior I briefly held a position as a member of the Student Life Committee before taking on the position of the Class of 2019 Vice President. Throughout these three years I have met an incredible amount of people who have shown me what it means to use your voice.

For my fourth and final year I would love to have an even larger role in the responsibilities of Student Congress. As Vice President I want to not only continue the work we’ve done, but to make an even larger impact on this community. Before I graduate I’d love to see the student body become a more united group of people, strengthening the essence of our Friar Family. We belong to such a special community and it would be an honor to be able to represent it. Go Friars!

President: Christopher Campanelli

I am Chris Campanelli and I am running for the position of Executive President for the 69th Student Congress. I am a three year member on PCSC, serving as an elected representative and committee member on the Clubs and Organizations and Publicity committees. I am also a member on the PCSC lead “Title IX and Sexual Assault” committee and a student representative to the Board of Trustees, “strategic planning” committee. As president, my main priority is ensuring that all students have their complaints, and suggestions heard and all students feel they have a voice on campus. I believe that all student rights should be respected and honored. Student Congress will be ran in a transparent, accountable and efficient manner, as we are servants to the student body. For more information on top priorities and initiatives, please visit chriscforpc.com