Kisses from a Dove

by The Cowl Editor on April 12, 2018


doves kissing
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by Jessica Polanco ’20


The silence of the wind is the bed that I sleep on. The language of the waves assure me they are singing my favorite song. Someday I will find the courage to ask them to show me how to play the instruments they use. The body movement of the trees give motion to my favorite rhythm.  My bucket list has “join their dance team” as number three. The wood stands tall and still, but you can tell by their eyes that they are enjoying the tune. Eye contact secured our similar thoughts in feeling liberate but still caged in self-restrictions.  I wish I could remember who kindly invited me to this party. Hoping I will be asked to join again, already losing patience to feel the pulse of the wilderness in great relief. The lullaby of the wind bewildered my eyes with joy creating a flood in my soul, permanently stamping its melody in my ears. As the party was coming to an end I am influenced by the pure white dove in the sky. I blow a kiss, and I catch it, storing it in my heart.