Lorde of All Lords

by The Cowl Editor on April 12, 2018

Arts & Entertainment

Elizabeth Jancsy ’18

A&E Staff

Grammy winning singer-songwriter and New Zealand native Lorde made her way into Connecticut on April 7 on the North America leg of her Melodrama World Tour. Playing over 70 shows in Europe, North America, Oceania, Asia, and South America, this is the second world tour for Lorde. 

Anyone who is familiar with Lorde’s style of music one might expect very mellow and chill vibes at her concert, but. Lorde presented fans with an absolutely incredible, upbeat, over dramatic, and inspiring concert. From beginning to end, the audience was taken on a passionate and emotional artistic journey through song and dance. 

Opening with the hit “Sober,” Lorde, along her backup dancers broke out on to the stage, covering the stage from all angles. Lorde showed off her dancing skills at her concert, which contained several dance routines that she participated in. The lyrical dance style complemented the songs very well. 

The songs, to no one’s surprise, were just as good as they are blasting from one’s speaker listening to the studio album. Lorde has a voice that is so rare in pop singers today, especially ones of her generation. She sings with strength and tone, and captivates an audience any time she performs. 

With the word “drama” in the album title, it is only fitting that Lorde be dressed like an actress in a Shakespearean production. She had two outfit changes throughout the night, which ranged from a simple matching top and pants to a more elaborate matching shirt and skirt outfit. Almost every outfit was in two pieces—avoiding dresses so that Lorde could get back to her songs and perform. When she was not jumping up and down on stage, she was flipping her hair and dancing beside the backup dancers. Although the stage was simple, what was unique about the show was the moving box that started on the ground of the floor and moved all the way to the top of the stage set. 

The box was used to hold dancers as they moved up and down on the set, looking as though they were dancing in mid-air. The band also assisted Lorde and acted as the backdrop to the rest of the set.

It is easy to get caught up in the entertainment of the concert, but Lorde did take time to thank her fans for helping her get this far, and for “getting her.” She talked about how special this tour is to her and how it amazes her that she has support from all over the world. 

One of the more memorable moments of the show was after her speech, when she went into her slower songs, such as “Liability” and a cover of Frank Ocean’s “Solo.” This was an intimate moment for Lorde, and showed off just how versatile she is. If you were not dancing to her music, you were singing along with her. Either way, Lorde’s Melodrama is an amazing act to witness.

Lorde showing off her unique outfits while performing at the MTV Video Music Awards.