The Music World Mourns the Loss of Avicii

by Kerry Torpey on April 26, 2018

Arts & Entertainment

Tim Bergling, better known by his stage name Avicii, had his final performance at Ushuaïa Ibiza in Spain.

by Catherine Goldberg ’20

A&E Staff

It was April 30, 2012, six years before Galantis’ spring concert performance when EDM DJ, Avicii also performed at Providence College. Both Swedish performers and both DJs, it was a remarkable coincidence that both artists came to Providence for the same April occasion. However, 2018 resulted in a tragedy for Avicii. 

Avicii, otherwise known as Tim Bergling, passed away this past Friday at 28 years old, leaving behind a legacy of chart-topping music. Avicii made a name for himself in the world of EDM music, having collaborated with artists such as Coldplay, Madonna, and Green Day. 

Avicii began making music mixes in his bedroom at only eight years old. From an imaginative young teen all the way through his adult years, many who heard Avicii’s mixes felt he truly had a gift. He officially launched his music career in 2009 as a producer, and went on to achieve international fame. 

His success skyrocketed, landing him spots on Billboard’s Hot 100 and Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Chart. He was nominated in 2012 for a Grammy for his hit songs “Sunshine” and “Levels.” 

For the large majority of PC students who are familiar with Avicii’s music, or are big fans themselves, his passing calls for a time to listen and reminisce on some of his greatest hits.

“Levels,” was Avicii’s biggest hit record, catapulting him into the limelight. The dance track was released in 2011. “Levels” made it onto the Top 10 charts in over 15 countries. Featuring Etta James vocals and samples of her hit song “Something’s Got a Hold on Me,” the song mashed up with the oldies hit, bringing Avicii to center stage and labelling him a worldwide DJ.

“Wake Me Up” became an anthem for high school and college students everywhere with its release in June 2013. The song peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and went viral via the radio for the majority of that year, and is still widely played today. 

“Hey Brother,” was one of Avicii’s most Americanized songs. Featuring vocals from bluegrass artist, Dan Tyminski, the dance track was saturated with the country genre. The popular music video features clips from the Vietnam War, and has amassed over one million likes on the site.

“Without You,” another one of Avicii’s top hits, was released in August 2017. The song features vocals from another Swedish artist, Sandro Cavazza. The slow beginning and beats that pick up at the chorus ring true to other Avicii hits; this hit reached the top of the charts. “Without You” was Avicii’s seventh Swedish No. 1 single. 

Avicii had numerous other hits which surely many PC students will play after of his passing, such as, “The Nights,” “Lonely Together,” “I Could Be the One,” “Waiting for Love,” and more.  Instead of mourning the amazing Swedish DJ’s loss, the music industry seeks to carry his legacy by continuing to listen to his beat-dropping mixes.