Tiff & Earl

by The Cowl Editor on April 26, 2018


Photo courtesy of savvysassymoms.com

Dear Tiff and Earl,

I don’t have any grad schools or job prospects lined up.  What do I do?


Failing At Life


Dear Failing At Life,

Lol. And you think I do?

I decided that all I want in life is a Range Rover, the ability to send my kids to a very expensive prep school, and the time to spend my day getting my nails done, going to hot yoga, and then getting margs with the girls before my husband takes me out to dinner.

Does that not sound absolutely fabulous? We’ll see. The whole idea of the job search is honestly daunting and exhausting and I am freaking the freak out. Even though I really love the sound of the life I described above, I also want to change the world, feel valued, and live a life I am so proud of.

But alas, I have time. Well, not a lot of time, but some time.

Hope that helps?



Dear Impending Failure,

Are you afraid of GMOs? Does the farm-to-table movement inspire you? Is artisanal butter what your rustic loaves are missing? Does the prospect of crisp well water just cranks away tickle your fancy? Do you yearn for a simpler way of life?

If you answered yes or no to any of these questions, you should consider finding your calling in an amazing community of believers. Expand on the Catholic baseline established by your theology core by going fundamentalist. The Amish don’t want you, but you may need them. Especially since, somehow, no employers or schools got back to you.

Break a leg,