by The Cowl Editor on April 26, 2018


Cars in traffic on a highway
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by Jessica Polanco ’20


T: Today and yesterday, it took me 66 hours to travel home. The commute is regularly a couple seconds but lately there’s been traffic in the way.

R: Really? Why would you cut me off knowing we’re all bumper to bumper. No room to move and you decide to interrupt my peace.

A: Amazingly, you come out of nowhere without me asking for you. I hit my brakes and I’m confronted with a heavy force that pulls me forward. You have my full attention.

F: Full attention. Can you end? I’m tired of this drag, it takes over my energy and it puts an end to my journey that makes me want to nag. It’s like pausing the wind just because the rain needs time to pass.

F: FULL ATTENTION. Everything is still. You’ve got my full attention. Can you end? All my energy is attracted to this situation. My car is claustrophobic. It can’t move. It can’t move. Please move. I can’t move.

I: I can’t move forward. I’m stuck in this point of view because of you. You paused my time, my time is guided towards you. What do you need, what are your intentions? Can you please let me move?

C: Claustrophobically, I meditate in peace. The time is the present. The traffic is my time, I move with your presence.