PC’s Dance Company Shines in Spring Showcase

by Kerry Torpey on May 3, 2018

Arts & Entertainment

The Providence College Dance Company performing at the spring dance concert.

by Elizabeth Jancsy ’18

A&E Staff Emerita

On Saturday afternoon in the Angell Blackfriars Theatre, the lights went down, the audience became silent, and dancers took their places on stage. To many dancers in the Providence College Dance Company (PCDC) it was just another dance show, but for the seniors in the company this would be their last time on PC’s stage. 

From the beginning of the semester, PCDC has been preparing for their Senior Show. Every senior in the company has the opportunity to choreograph a dance as a final mark on the company that many of them have been a part of since freshman year.

Emotions were high but the passion was prevalent on stage. From more slow, modern pieces to electric tap numbers, the show offered a wide range of music and dance styles. As opposed to the fall show, this performance was all about the company dancers. The feelings of friendship and love were prevalent on stage. 

It is clear that these dancers are a family, and the trust and dedication they put into each other on and off the stage allowed them to put on a great performance. Each song reflected a group of dancers who were clearly working to create a piece of art that contains a message. The costumes allowed for the dancers to move fluidly on stage, and made every dancer shine in their spotlight. 

The choreographers were allowed to pick out the costumes themselves, making the piece even more in their control. It is clear that the dancers in this company have been training in dance long before their time here at PC. Featured in the program was a short bio for each dancer, and it was rare to not see a company member dancing before the age of 3. 

PCDC, an audition based company, selects some of the most talented and trained dancers on this campus to be a part of the company. The audience was blown away with the turns and leaps, and the dancers did not stop there. The dancers’ athleticism was on full display during this show, as many dancers were in back to back songs. The show lasted two acts and displayed the dancers’ energy and passion throughout.

The most memorable dance was the senior dance which closed the show. All the seniors danced together for one last time in a mass of beautiful lilac dresses. The lights illuminated the dancers, while the rest of the stage was bare. The women moved together in a very emotional and powerful way, reflecting the time they spent together in PCDC. It was a wonderful and touching way to congratulate the seniors on the work they have done. The final lighting cue was the PC crest illuminated on the stage, and as the seniors prepared for life after college, they took their final bow on the PC stage.