Tiff & Earl

by Andrea Traietti on May 3, 2018


Photo courtesy of savvysassymoms.com

Dear Tiff and Earl,

I only have $10 left on my card; how do I make it through finals week without starving?


Will Do Things For Money


Dear Penniless Person,

You starve. I know that’s tough to hear, but that may be what you have to do!! Because if you’re anything like me, you wasted your Friar Bucks at the Ruane Café getting $5 venti caramel macchiatos. So, if you just have $10 left, that’s only two more overpriced coffees, and you still have finals week. That sucks.

Best of luck,



Dear Poor Richard,

$10 can get you far. That is, if you know how to spend it. The lazy man can prioritize carbs, while the creative mind will buy smart and trade strategic items (I see you, Allie’s Donuts) with roommates or acquaintances to form somewhat legitimate meals. If all else fails, I hear the Foxy Lady has free breakfast. What is that place, anyway?

Always hungry,