Rhode Island Partakes in Primary Elections

by The Cowl Editor on September 20, 2018

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By Micaela Freeman ’20


Rhode Island’s midterm primary election occurred this week, and the Democratic trifecta state, will see in the general November election. 

The Wednesday election was open to all Rhode Island residents, including members of the Providence College community. The election was held in order to determine Senate seats, gubernatorial candidates, and local offices.

Democratic nominee Gina Raimondo, incumbent since 2015, edged out Matthew  Brown on Wednesday night. The results were 57.1 to 33.6 in the gubernatorial race. 

The Republican nominee Allan Fung also won the race against Patricia Morgan, 56.4 to 40.1.

Her leftist campaign stood on improving the state’s economic status, as well as the education system. She also increased the state’s funding on preschool programs and all-day kindergarten. Additionally, she is credited with an increase of jobs as well as wages in the state.

Raimondo hopes to keep the Affordable Care Act in place during her tenure, and will strive to prevent its repeal.

The U.S. Senate race also took place on Wednesday, and incumbent Sheldon Whitehouse won his reelection 76.8 to 23.2 against Patricia Fontes.

Students of the  College were eager to make their own personal change and cast their votes in the election, hoping to have an effect on Rhode Island’s future.

Dranny Galvao ‘21, said she believes that at her age, it is crucial to vote and be apart of the future for politics. The Rhode Island native said she was thrilled to be able to vote and be so close to her lifelong community. “As a college student, I think it’s super important to vote at our age, especially. It means being in charge of our future of my state,” Galvao said. 

PC, which has its very own political groups, PC Democrats and PC Republicans, offered students a voting center right on campus and helped students exercise their civil right.

The Senate race, intertwined with the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s SCOTUS nominee, will also be in full effect come November, either prolonging or proceeding with Kavanaugh’s confirmation. 

The general election for Rhode Island is Tuesday, November 6.