Congress Updates

by The Cowl Editor on October 18, 2018

Congress Updates

by Emili Castro Rodriguez ’21

In the latest meeting of the 69th Student Congress, on October 16, 2018, there were two guest speakers. 

The first one was Taylor Weeks, director of recruitment for Teach For America (TFA) at Providence College. 

Ms. Weeks was looking for students engaged in the PC Community, and in leadership roles, that may be interested in applying for the TFA program. 

She explained that the point of this two-year experience is teaching in low income communities. It is the perfect launching point for a career, as it provides the student with a yearning to advocate for children. 

The requisites for TFA is a minimum of 3.50 GPA, leadership experience, a copy of the applicant’s resume, and a 300 word essay explaining their interest in TFA. 

Our second set of guest speakers included Dr. James Campbell, a Title IX coordinator, and Allison Sjoval, a communications and assessment specialist for the College. 

Ms. Sjoval presented the report from the campus climate survey regarding sexual assault and dating violence that was published last April. 

After reporting on the results of the survey, Ms. Sjoval and Dr. Campbell discussed methods that the College can employ to improve campus climate on sexual assault. 

These methods included, but were not limited to: informing students of response resources (the process after a complaint is filed), enforcing further ByStander training, and finally, encouraging and educating each other in order to change our own campus culture. 

Finally, two pieces of new legislation were presented, both concerning the legitimization of two new clubs on campus: The Wine and Cheese Society, as well as The International Business Club. 

Both pieces will be voted on next Tuesday, October 23.