Halloween Haikus

by The Cowl Editor on October 25, 2018


TickTok TickTok Tick
I feel it running after me
Its breath on my neck.
—Jessica Polanco ’20


I can’t feel myself.
No one hears me talk to them
Is this death for me?
—Connor Zimmerman ’20


I hear a shuffle
And a chill goes down my back
All I see are eyes
—Sam Pellman ’20


Spooky graveyard
Photo courtesy of pixelstalk.net

It lived in Mary’s room
Mom blamed imagination
But I felt its breath
—Julia Zygiel  ’19


Late October thoughts
Of pumpkin pies, sugar highs,
Warm nostalgic hearts.
—Erin Venuti ’20


Aura of horror:
Ghosts, witches, black cats are nigh.
The best time of year.
—Sam Ward ’21