Congress Updates

by The Cowl Editor on November 29, 2018

Congress Updates

by Margaret Mahoney ’21

Student Congress Publicity

On Tuesday, November 27, 2018, Student Congress welcomed Fr. Kenneth Sicard, O.P., acting president of Providence College, and Koren Kanadanian, the interim director of public safety. 

Kanadanian listened to safety concerns and questions from students. One student concern that was addressed was staffing at the Eaton Street gate, as well as the presence of PC Public Safety off campus. 

Mr. Kanadanian said that Public Safety is looking into roving patrols off campus and increasing hours of security at the Eaton Street gate to ensure students feel safe off campus. Mr. Kanadanian also addressed the standards for sending Friar Alerts to the PC community and why students have not received any Friar Alerts this year. 

He stated that Public Safety only sends Friar Alerts that contain useful information for students on pressing concerns. Therefore, if there is no specific description of a suspect, or the situation is not an immediate threat, Public Safety uses their discretion on whether a Friar Alert is sent. 

Additionally, information in Friar Alerts needs to be verified from the police, which can take longer to get access to. 

Mr. Kanadanian also answered questions about the shuttle service and said that shuttles should take students to off-campus homes if they directly ask the shuttle operator. 

Fr. Sicard then addressed Student Congress and listened to student concerns and questions on various aspects of the College. 

In response to a question about how PC can make LGBTQ+ students feel more comfortable and welcomed in the campus community, Fr. Sicard agreed with the students that improving the experience of LGBTQ+ students is very important to him, as well as Fr. Brian Shanley, O.P. They are working on a plan to make LGTBQ+ students feel more welcome on campus and are open to suggestions from students. 

Fr. Sicard also discussed the challenges facing the College, specifically financial challenges. The school is always looking for a balance between maintaining affordability and providing students with the best experience possible. 

However, Fr. Sicard referred to PC’s success in admissions and enrollment as a positive indication of student life and financial strength in the coming years as well. 

Additionally, Fr. Sicard answered questions about the Liberal Arts buildings on lower campus and plans to improve those areas. Fr. Sicard expressed a strong interest in improving the liberal arts facilities but stated that the focus of the administration is currently on improving residence halls. 

Student Congress also passed SCA-69-01, an amendment that will remove the guest policy from the Student Congress constitution. Student Congress also passed SCB- 69- 06, SCB- 69- 07, and SCB- 69- 08, which officially recognized Friars For ___ , B.E.L.I.E.V.E, and Make a Wish, as clubs under Student Congress.