Bruce Springsteen Performance Coming to Netflix

by The Cowl Editor on December 6, 2018

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 Legend Makes Broadway Show Accessible

by: Anne DeLello ’20 A&E Staff

It is safe to say that Bruce Springsteen’s venture into the world of theater has been a success. His one man show Springsteen on Broadway arrived at the Walter Kerr Theatre on October 3, 2017, and will soon finish on December 15, 2018, following three extensions due to several sold out shows. However, this is not the end. Those who did not have a chance to catch the live show can stream it on Netflix the day after the finale. 

The show is loosely structured around Springsteen’s 2016 autobiography Born to Run and features 15 of his greatest hits from throughout his career. Rolling Stone gives a brief summary of the show, saying that Springsteen recounts “his childhood years, his search for a voice and his discovery of rock and roll as the sound of salvation.” On stage, Springsteen plays the guitar, harmonica, and piano to perform different renditions of America’s favorite hits. He even brings his wife, Patti Scialfa, on stage for a song occasionally. 

Bruce Springsteen Broadway performance

This past week, Netflix released a trailer for Springsteen on Broadway. In the trailer, Springsteen references the harsh yet loving voice of his father, and how it intermingled with the unwavering support of his mother throughout his life.

When describing his career, Springsteen says, “This is your life. I wanted to be able to celebrate and honor its beauty and I wanted to be able to be a critical voice when I thought that’s what the times called for.” Audiences will be able to gain insight into who the American icon is by taking a closer look into his life and his career. 

The three runs of sold out shows speak for themselves when considering his popularity among the masses and critical reviews that support  its success. Rolling Stone referred to the show as “an intimate triumph” as well as, “compelling and profound.” Moreover, the New York Times went so far as to say, “There may never have been anything as real and beautiful on Broadway.” The New Yorker described it as “a romantic and intimate spectacle.”

The show brought in millions for Springsteen. According to the New York Times, tickets cost $510 at face value and the show has grossed over $76 million during its three three-month long runs. 

Even more impressive is the sheer number of people who have spent the money to go see this show, which tops 151,419. This will also increase rapidly when millions of Netflix users are able to watch it. If the success of the show in theaters is any indication, then it is sure to be a hit when the special is released on Dec. 16.