Listomania: Most Awkward Small Talk

by The Cowl Editor on January 24, 2019


“How is your family?” -My Boss

“Good to see you.” -Someone I‘ve never seen before

“What classes are you taking?” – All of my professors

“Where are you living?” -My next-door neighbor

“Abroad changed my life.” -Everyone who studied abroad

“How are you?” -Person walking in the other direction

“Come over anytime.” -Person who doesn’t say where they live

“How is your syllabus week going?” -Someone taking four classes

“What did you do abroad?” -Everyone who didn’t go abroad

“I haven’t seen you since last year.” -Person trying to be funny

“Let’s catch up soon.” -Person I haven’t seen since New Student Orientation

“What is your New Year’s resolution?” -My Mom

“I’ve missed Ray.” -Said no one ever