Congress Updates

by The Cowl Editor on January 31, 2019

Congress Updates

by Margaret Mahoney ’21

Student Congress Representative

On Tuesday, January 29, 2019, Student Congress welcomed members of the Core Curriculum Committee, who presented on the Science, Fine Arts, and Core Focus components of the curriculum. The Core Curriculum Committee presented on the goal of the committee, which is to assess the implementation of the core curriculum. They are in the process of reviewing each requirement. 

Regarding the science component of the core curriculum, the members of the committee gathered student feedback on how members of congress have fulfilled the science core and their general ideas and suggestions regarding this component. The Committee also gathered feedback and experiences from students fulfilling the fine arts core at Providence College or while studying abroad. One main discussion regarding the fine arts requirement is if students should make art,  analyze art, or a combination of the two in order to fulfill the requirement. 

Additionally, the committee gathered student responses to the core focus and how it impacts their academic experiences. One element of the core focus that was discussed is how frequently a students’ core focus develops into a minor or double major. 

Following this presentation from the Core Curriculum Committee, Student Congress also voted to approve the Sports Business Organization as a club of Providence College. 

Members of congress also presented a recommendation regarding the trash and recycling methods in residence halls. This piece recommends that Residence Life place more trash and recycling bins in the residence halls and have UG2 workers rotate trash and recycling on the weekends. In the discussion regarding this piece, students debated the effectiveness of increasing bins and a need for a cultural shift favoring recycling at PC.