The Third Outing

by The Cowl Editor on February 14, 2019


by Erin Lucey ’20

February 14, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today will be my third time leaving the comfort of my cozy yet dreary, constantly bustling yet lonely hospital room since I moved in four months ago. I only really leave for very special occasions–the past two being my 25th birthday and Christmas Day. I was a little confused as to why I was leaving for Valentine’s Day. Ever since the accident I’ve had trouble remembering my relatives, for Christ’s sake. I was not sure why anyone would even consider taking me out on a date in this condition.

However, Mom begged me to say yes to this cute boy who visits my hospital room every weekend. I couldn’t decide if he was creepy. The first couple of months that I was here, I would often ask him to leave. I felt bad because he was always really nice, but I was having a really difficult time adjusting to my life here. I didn’t even remember my parents when I first woke up. I needed time to do the whole get-to-know-my-own-family thing. He was always super understanding, which I really appreciated. He would leave with a smile, never offended or frustrated, and would show up at the same time the next weekend like clockwork.

At first, I thought he was a volunteer for the hospital. Probably some random guy that was bored on the weekends looking for some easy community service hours, popping into the inpatient rooms and trying to chat someone up until he convinced himself that he has somehow fulfilled his duty. That first theory was shot down when I saw my mom talking to him in the hallway after I asked him to leave one day. Before they parted ways she hugged him and then kissed him on the cheek. My mom is not an overly affectionate person, so that was a dead giveaway that he is much more familiar than I thought.

After that, I was pretty convinced that he was a close family friend–someone I grew up with that happens to live in the area. He’d never mentioned anything about how we knew each other before I wound up here. I was surprised when he asked me on a Valentine’s Day date. While I did have a bit of a crush on him at that point, it did not feel like we were necessarily hitting it off during his short visits.

Anyway, he is here to pick me up right now. I ran back into the room to put the flowers he gave me in water before we go. Just as I lift the bouquet into the vase I see it…an engagement ring…with a note that reads “Round Two?”-J

A bouquet of roses
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