Congress Updates

by The Cowl Editor on February 28, 2019

Congress Updates

By Margaret Mahoney ’21

On Tuesday, February 26, 2019, Student Congress welcomed two guest speakers. 

Jana Valentine, director of Residence Life, answered questions about various aspects of Residence Life, such as Hybrid Housing, housing selection, and accommodations for overenrolled classes. On the topic of Hybrid Housing,  Valentine discussed how the program is going and the direction Residence Life anticipates this program taking in the future. 

In the next academic year, Residence Life will be offering approximately 90 Hybrid Housing spots for seniors, through a partnership with a local landlord. 

Valentine also addressed housing selection and emphasized the importance of having a complete housing group when submitting housing applications. 

After Valentine spoke, two members of Student Congress, Dylan Black ’ 20 and Sean Gray ’21, presented on the Office of Academic Services application process. The presenters highlighted the qualities that a good tutor possesses and answered student questions about the position. 

Applications for tutoring positions are due March 22. 

Following the guest speakers, Student Congress passed a bill regarding legislation process and timing.