‘I’m a Sucker for You’

by The Cowl Editor on March 7, 2019


The Jonas Brothers’ Comeback Six Years After Their Breakup

by Grace Whitman ’22 A&E Staff


 S.O.S! On March 1, 2019, the Jonas Brothers reunited for an official comeback as the band released their new single, “Sucker,” with a corresponding music video. The song immediately became the No. 1 single on iTunes and the No.1 trending video on YouTube with millions watching at the stroke of midnight. 

“Sucker” is the group’s first song in six years. It comes after they shocked their fans with the announcement of their breakup in 2013. Three weeks after their public statement, the brothers made an appearance on Good Morning America to explain their split to the public. Nick Jonas, who had proposed the breakup, stated, “We feel like we’re best suited to do our own individual things, all things we’re passionate about, and choose to be brothers first.” 

The brothers admitted that they had been fighting over just about everything, including where they wanted to take the overall image of the band. Kevin added that “we’re family first, and that’s always been our main priority.” Since the breakup, Joe Jonas began his pop group, DNCE, known for its song, “Cake by the Ocean,” Nick began his solo career and released his hit single, “Jealous,” and Kevin focused on his family life. 

Although Nick was the one who initiated the breakup, he was also the one who suggested getting back together. In an interview with Sirius XM Radio, Nick said, “We started spending a lot of time together and we all kind of felt that there was a magic and there is a magic when we’re together that we missed.” He continued, “We felt like we wanted to feel that magic again, so we talked about it and after a few conversations and a bit of healing that needed to be done with us as family, we all came to the decision to do this again.” 

As for the trending “Sucker” music video, the Jonas Brothers took a unique approach as the “J- Sisters”—Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Sophie Turner, and Danielle Jonas—appear in the video. Danielle and Kevin got married in 2009, while Sophie and Joe announced their engagement in 2017. Priyanka and Nick were recently married in December of 2018. 

The video, which was filmed at the Hatfield House in Hatfield, England, features colorful, sumptuous scenes of the three couples together at a huge estate as the brothers sing about being “suckers” for their love. The song shows a perfect combination of the vibe of DNCE, Nick’s solo career, and Kevin bringing so much heart into the music. 

As for the future of the newly reformed Jonas Brothers, Joe Jonas shared in an interview with Elvis Duran on the Morning Show that the band has 30 to 40 songs, as well as a full studio album already recorded.