Congress Updates

by The Cowl Editor on April 11, 2019

Congress Updates

by Margaret Mahoney ’21

Student Congress Publicity

On Tuesday, April 9, 2019, Student Congress welcomed Jim Rizzo, help desk manager from information technology, to present on additional security features they are adding to student email accounts. 

The new security features will include push notifications to authenticate email sign-ins. These features will be added to student accounts by class year over the summer. 

Following the guest speakers, Student Congress voted to approve a statement of position supporting a Faculty Senate bill that  eliminates the core focus requirement for all future classes, starting with the class of 2023. Following this vote, members of Student Congress presented a recommendation for hiring a permanent full-time Title IX professional. 

This piece of legislation also recommends that this position be filled by an individual that identifies as a woman.

Following this presentation, members of Student Congress gave a presentation on questioning the narrative surrounding Christopher Columbus and addressesing the continued suffering of Native Americans as a result of Columbus’s actions. 

The members of Student Congress then presented a piece of legislation recommending the College recognize Indigenous People’s Day, instead of Columbus Day. The presenters stated that the goal of the piece is to rename the holiday to bring awareness and education to the suffering of indigenous people. 

Following this discussion, members of Student Congress presented a piece that makes new clubs eligible for funding when they are approved by Student Congress. Following this presentation, the executive secretary of Board of Multicultural Student Affairs (BMSA) presented on changes to the BMSA Constitution that were passed at the March 25 meeting.