Congress Updates

by The Cowl Editor on September 19, 2019

Congress Updates

by Thomas Beaton ’22

Student Congress Publicity

On Tuesday, September 10, Student Congress welcomed Greg Waldron, senior vice president for institutional advancement. 

Institutional advancement encompasses many offices ,including but not limited to, alumni relations, major gifts, and college events.

Members of the congress raised concerns about Homecoming, a new event that includes Late Night Madness and other on-campus events during the weekend of Oct. 4-6. Waldron mentioned that students were involved in the planning process, and that the goal of moving Late Night Madness to the Dunkin’ Donuts Center was to make the event more inclusive to students, friends and families.

On Tuesday, September 19, Student Congress welcomed Bob Driscoll, vice president and director of athletics.

Driscoll discussed that each year student-athletes undergo sexual assault awareness programs. He also hopes to begin a new program open to student-athletes for mental health beyond that which is offered at the Personal Counseling Center. If proven successful, he hopes to expand the program campus-wide.

With discussion surrounding student-athletes being paid on college campuses across the country, Driscoll expressed no interest in paying student-athletes.

One congress member asked if there are any plans to open the Friar Development Center to the entire student body. Driscoll said that the Friar Development Center was not funded by the College but from private donors, and the facilities will, thereforebe reserved for student-athletes only. Despite this, other athletic facilities, such as Glay Field and Hendricken Field, are open to all students.

Student Congress meets every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. in Ruane LL05 and is open to everyone.