Live From Providence: It’s Six Gents!

by The Cowl Editor on October 3, 2019


The crowd was buzzing with anticipation, waiting to be let in.  They had been asked to be quiet multiple times, and yet could not contain their excitement. So, by the time a crew member opened the theater doors, it was a mad rush to get inside.  Much like a breakage in a dam, the crowd rushed into the theater, still unable to tame its eagerness. Whooping and yelling, people took their seats.  “Hey, I am over here,” and “saved you a seat,” rang out.  

Now—to set the stage.  The black stage floor had two chairs, and behind it, a blue velvet curtain.  Was it a comedy club in downtown Providence or a student production at Providence College? Two Gents strolled out.  They took the stage to cheering and waving audience members.  Then, the crowd was finally quiet.

The opening skit was hilarious and set the tone for the entire evening.  It concluded when a Gent shouted, “AND LIVE FROM PROVIDENCE COLLEGE, IT’S SIX GENTS!”

It was 11 p.m. on Tuesday, September 24 when the semester’s first performance of Six Gents was held in the Angell Blackfriars Theater at Smith Center for the Arts.  The skits were not only funny, but were in many ways relatable.  The Six Gents satirized professors’ quirks, the disturbing stench behind Raymond Dining Hall, and apps that are well-known and used by many PC students. The Six Gents kept each sketch fresh with their ball activity.  During transitions and brief set-up, a lime colored inflatable beach ball with joke prompts written all over it was tossed between the cast, sending the audience into laughter from the ensuing one-liners.  

The Vice President of the group, Thomas Edwards ’20, has been with the club since his freshman year.  He explained that the cast had been preparing for the show since the first weekend back this semester. Edwards also described the process for creating Six Gents skits as very collaborative, with members meeting to pitch and run ideas with the advice and comments of their fellow club members.    

When asked where the club is headed this year, Edwards replied, “We hope to bring lots of laughs to people for free! We also are excited to welcome in our new Gents and watch the club grow.”

The group held auditions this past Saturday, September 28.  The organization provides PC students with a comedy club night in the comfort of our own music hall.  The Six Gents are a group of hilarious comedians and talented actors who have become a staple for PC.  The expectant crowd was far from disappointed at the night’s conclusion, and many are counting down until the group’s next show. Keep an eye out, you will not want to miss it!