Seniors Celebrate 220 Night

by The Cowl Editor on October 3, 2019


Kick Off Final Year of Festivities

by Catherine Goldberg ’20 A&E Staff


On Friday, September 27, Student Congress hosted 220 Night, a dance for the senior class marking a countdown of 220 nights until graduation. This has been a Providence College tradition for generations, and seniors came dressed in formal attire to kick off the start of a year to remember. 

Tickets went on sale Monday morning, but the majority of students waited until Friday to storm the ticket office. Wristbands were also offered to students over the age of 21 so that they could buy signature drinks at the bar.

The doors opened at 8:30 p.m. In true Friar spirit, Congress decked out Peterson Recreation Center in silver, black, and white. Cocktail tables were scattered around the gym with tea lights inside of glass mason jars that looked like silver glitter. Elizabeth Connor ’20 “loved how Congress was able to transform the gym into a magical ballroom.”

The bar served a variety of drinks, from Coronas to Bud Lights to hard seltzers. “The hit drink of the night was the signature moscow mule,” says Catherine Flugel ’20. Ronzios catered the event with a variety of party pizzas. Flugel “could not get enough of the pizza.” She said “The buffalo chicken was amazing—I had six slices!”  

Congress kept the event strictly for seniors, and they even hired a member of the senior class to DJ the event. Jack Brighenti ’20 has been a DJ for over three years, and he was thrilled to be able to play music to make 220 Night all the more fun for seniors. Brighenti said, “I was able to play a wide variety of genres and it flowed very well as the vibe changed throughout the night. I had amazing crowd reactions, but the real game changer was when I was asked to play ‘Drop it Low’ by Ester Dean.”

The dance was a great way to get all of the seniors together back on campus. Kirk Esmero ’20 said “Often, many seniors stay off campus on the weekends and I missed having everyone in the Slavin Center together.” Overall, Esmero felt that the night was “hashtag, electric!”

Many students decided to go to McPhail’s during and after the event to play ping pong, have popcorn, and just spend time with each other. Brandon Sahler ’20 says, “Spending time at McPhail’s was the perfect way to end the night. I loved getting together with friends to recap the night and make memories that will carry through until graduation.”

Vice President of Student Congress, Sean Richardson ’20, says that 220 Night was a “perfect beginning to senior year.” Richardson and the rest of Student Congress cannot wait to plan more exciting events for the senior class this year.