Friartire: The Beast is Stirring

by The Cowl Editor on October 10, 2019


By Lil Wit ’21

It’s getting to that time of the year. The leaves are slowly falling, just like students’ spirits because midterms are on the horizon. 

  Studies show that students dread midterm week for several reasons. For one, midterm week never lasts a single week. It’s drawn out like those civ papers that are supposed to be five pages but we only have three and a half pages of somewhat decent stuff to say. Reportedly, some students insist that it can feel like midterms go on for three weeks. 

Leonard ’20 explained, “First you have those classes that have three exams per semester, so they face that class first. Once you survive that trial, you suffer through the classes that have actual midterms, and by the time you overcome (or at least) survive that beast it’s time for exam two for your other classes. Throw some papers on top of it and we’re all a wreck.” 

Students slowly start to regret not doing the homework, but they face the first exams with light in their eyes and confidence in their abilities. After an intense and soul-draining struggle, they realize that this is only the beginning and there will be no mercy no matter how many tears they shed. This is it, this is their fate. 

 Some have broken the system and have found a way to combat midterms. They study regularly, ask questions, and actually do the reading. These people sit in the exam room, silently winning the battle while the others fight for their lives (I mean grades). 

Only some will emerge triumphant, studies say.Dr. Strange from the Psychology department commented on the nature of midterms: “We just want to make sure that the students are learning and retaining the information. We don’t design them to be impossible or unfair. A lot of thought goes into the nature of our exams.” 

Oh, civ professor, little do you know that the midterm beast has brainwashed you….