Tiff and Earl

by Sarah D Kirchner on November 7, 2019


Dear Tiff and Earl,

I just found out my roommate is taking the same person to Senior Ring Weekend as me. What happens now?


Throuple Trouble


Dear Throuble,

The only answer is sabotage. Have your roommate’s outfit conveniently disappear and/or accidentally trashed (you could have some fun with that). Although in actuality, this is probably your date’s fault, so you and your roommate should make your date feel the wrath of your retaliation. It’ll be a great roommate bonding activity!

Formally but not too formally,



Dear Throuples Only,

Embrace the chaos. this is your chance to add some spice to your lacking roommate dynamic. It’s clear you are having communication problems with your roommate, and I think adding another person will bring the passion back into your relationship. I mean you and your roommate clearly like this other person enough to bring them to SRW. You know what they say—it takes two to tango, but three is when the real fun begins to happen ;)