Instrumental Causality Celebrates Student Talent

by The Cowl Editor on November 14, 2019


Students, Faculty, and Dominican Friars Come Together

by Brenna O’Leary ’20 A&E Staff

What would you get if you combined cool jazz, funk, and a bunch of Dominican saints? You would get this year’s Instrumental Causality event.  The event, which took place on Wednesday, November 6, consisted of two parts. The first was a vigil in honor of Saint Dominic.  The second part was an instrumental concert in the bottom of the chapel that featured Providence College’s Jazz Band and Funk Band.  The gathering in Campus Ministry began at 8 p.m., and featured an array of colors.  The room was left open, decorated in green, blue, purple, and yellow.  Each table was covered in snazzy table clothes and had its own centerpiece decoration surrounded by beaded necklaces.  


The music kicked off with Jazz Band, conducted by Dr. Eric Melley, and rolled into Funk Band, conducted by Dr. William Longo, after a quick break in between sets.  The audience included a diverse array of people.  It ranged from members of Campus Ministry and some cheerful Dominican friars, to many students and faculty members, who brought family and friends.

Father Peter Martyr Yungwirth, O.P. started this event, which he said is in its fourth year, and was more than happy with the night’s turnout.  The Dominicans and Campus Ministry worked with the Board of Programmers and Jazz Band to organize the event.  This was a change from years past; Fr. Peter Martyr said that in past years some of the Dominicans performed. This year featured an exciting change where the night focused on the student performances of jazz and funk bands and greatly displayed the impressive talent of the PC music department. Together, the performers, audience, and setting of St. Dominic’s Chapel made for a night of beautiful remembrance in honor of Dominican saints—all while enjoying jazzy music. 

As if some good music and great company were not enough, the food spread was equally amazing.  There was an elegant, vanilla sheet cake dedicated to the Dominican vigil, yummy pasta dishes, and some of Fr. Peter Martyr’s famous homemade ice cream. Participants were able to feel truly grounded and at home, surrounded by the comfort of good food, great music, and even better company. The event made for more than just a wonderful mid-week break. It was a true testament to the friar family presence here at PC.  Not many college campuses can provide students with the opportunity to say they have had a conversation about homemade ice cream with a Dominican friar while listening to funky jazz classics.