Tiff and Earl

by The Cowl Editor on November 14, 2019


Dear Tiff and Earl,

Help, my roommates think it’s too early to start decorating for Christmas, but I already put my tree up! Is my blow-up Santa too much?

Stocking Stuffer


Dear Stocking Stuffer, 

You’re merely temporarily relocating some of your possessions. Leave it open for interpretation. Plus, Christmas is about Jesus, so you haven’t really started decorating until you bring out the blow-up nativity. Bake some cookies for your roommates, and that’ll shut them up.

Ho Ho Hopefully Helpful,


Dear Stocking,

Put that Santa back up the chimney until Black Friday at least! Halloween was barely two weeks ago, and Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet. We all know the early Christmas campaign is just for capitalist companies to get more money out of us honest working-class people. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas too, but give the Turkeys and Pilgrims some love first. 

Gobble gobble,