Tiffany Young Performs at Paradise Rock Club

by The Cowl Editor on November 21, 2019

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Diva Brings K-pop Experience to Eager Boston Crowd

by: Sara Conway ’21 A&E Co-Editor

Tiffany Young and dancers Paradise Rock Club Boston

It was a night for the divas. The line to get into Boston’s Paradise Rock Club on Nov. 8 stretched down the block, around the corner, and down another block to see a diva emerging with full force onto the American music scene: Tiffany Young.  

Although Tiffany Young has made a name for herself as a solo artist in recent years, she began her music career as a member of the girl group, Girls’ Generation (also known as SNSD), who dominated the K-pop scene following their debut under SM Entertainment in 2007. Young marked the start of her solo career in 2016 with the release of her first mini album, I Just Wanna Dance, which she released under the name TIFFANY through SM Entertainment. She officially left SM in October of 2017, but Young has confirmed that she is still a member of Girls’ Generation.

Young embarked on her solo career in the United States with the release of her single “Over My Skin” on June 28, 2018, this time under the name Tiffany Young. Since then, she has released seven singles and an EP titled Lips on Lips. In June, Young announced her first official North American tour, the Magnetic Moon tour, its title drawing from her song, “Magnetic Moon,” which was released in August. 

When Young dropped the tour information on her Instagram, she wrote in her caption, “You have created such a positive and safe space online, I want to bring that love and energy to life in a tour.” Furthermore, Young’s Magnetic Moon tour was to “celebrate open hearts and open minds.” The tour officially kicked off with a show in San Francisco on Oct. 25, and it will come to a close on Nov. 21 in Los Angeles after making stops across the U.S. and Canada. When the tour came to Boston, the sign outside of the Paradise Rock Club boasted the words “sold out” following Tiffany Young’s name. 

The setlist of the Magnetic Moon tour let the diva shine. Tiffany Young, with her striking onstage presence, showed that she and her music deserve to carry that title of “diva” as well. The Magnetic Moon tour showcased “big diva energy” with its mix of Young’s old and new music (the tour opened and closed with her latest single “Run For Your Life”) and covers of some noteworthy divas. Early in the set, Young performed a cover of Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball,” a song during the concert that had live instruments, and Destiny’s Child’s “Independent Woman.” Screams of excitement and recognition followed the opening notes of Young’s solo version of Girls’ Generation’s “Run Devil Run,” a song that was first sung nine years ago.   

The love and support between Young and her fans was crystal clear at the Boston show of the Magnetic Moon tour—a tour that was “inspired by and for” her fans. It was during these moments of intimate connection that the emotions poured out from both the artist and her fans, a contrast to the powerful and confident music that dominated the majority of the setlist. Young, tearing up, revealed that she has been able to open up about things she never used to talk about. She stated, “Thank you for keeping the love alive, for being there regardless of whatever may happen, I promise you the same: you call my name, I’ll be there waiting.” Young then dedicated the next song “Runaway,” an emotional stripped-down song, to her fans there with her in Boston.  

As she opened up about the pressure she faces, Young shared that she has recently discovered that she reacts sometimes by freezing instead of the usual “fight or flight” reaction. Young emphasized messages of love and compassion when she told her fans that the Magnetic Moon tour is about “bringing everyone together” and “embracing both light and dark.” 

At the very end of the concert, Young performed a cover of “In My Blood” by Shawn Mendes that merged into her own song “Born Again,” a song that reveals her personal pain and struggles. While singing “Born Again,” Young let the audience into her vulnerable moments and emphasized the strength that can be discovered in that rawness. In these moments of emotion, Tiffany Young has shown that there is incredible power in vulnerability. 

If the Magnetic Moon tour has proved anything, it has proved that Young’s name deserves to be on the list of iconic divas who are making their mark on the music industry and taking over the world.

So, you better run for your life because Tiffany Young is here.