Family, Talent, and Hardwork: PC A Capella

by The Cowl Editor on December 5, 2019


Interviewed Members Give an Inside Look at Teamwork

by Grace O’Connor ’22 A&E Staff

Providence College’s A Cappella Club consists of three groups known as Strictly Speaking, Anaclastic, and Special Guest. The club as a whole has a known presence at the school for its talent and performances in their fall concert, spring concert, and school-held events. They gathered a large crowd in the Smith Center for the Arts. Students came to enjoy and admire their hard work.  A few students came forth to discuss their experience with the club and the A Cappella Fall Concert. 


When asked the question, “How has being on the club shaped your experience at Providence?” the student responses were positive. Richie Caporusso ’22, a member of Strictly Speaking, the co-ed a cappella group, said, “Strictly Speaking is one of my favorite parts about PC. Being part of this group has given me an amazing family at college.” Another student, Caroline Franks ’22, stated, “Being a part of a cappella is an amazing experience here at Providence College because it gives me the opportunity to take a break from my studies to do something I truly love doing.”


These students highlighted the comradery and love that the students on the club have for each other. Regarding the preparation that goes into the concerts, Caporusso stated, “We have two-hour rehearsals three times a week,” equaling up to 30 rehearsals a semester. Caporusso went on to say, “The process is usually very difficult and time consuming, but the product is always amazing.” Franks confirmed, “It takes almost a full semester to prepare for the concerts.” 

Starting with a setlist of five songs, the groups rehearse until they have a finished product that they bring to the school in both the fall and the spring. Although the initial process is long, the end product makes the club worthwhile, along with the shared love of singing and the development of relationships among club members. Franks said, “It’s a beautiful experience to see all of our hard work pay off and how much positive feedback we receive.” 

To end, they answered the question, “What is the most exciting part of the club?” Caporusso claimed, “The most exciting part about the concerts is definitely the moment right before we go on stage. We all gather in a circle and wish each other luck. As a tradition, my group huddles up real close, counts to three, and shouts, ‘Strictly Showtime.’” Franks said, “The most exciting part is definitely getting up on stage and feeling super confident in what we’re performing. Anaclastic is a truly special group and we always have so much fun singing in front of our family and friends!” 


Each group has special characteristics that make them different from one another. Both Caporusso and Franks highlighted how incredible it is to share their love of singing with the larger community. A cappella is full of students who are involved in campus life and put their all into everything they do. 

Alumnus Brian O’Connor ’17 spoke about his experience in the club, saying, “Auditioning for Special Guest my freshman year was one of the best decisions I made while I was at PC. The most challenging part of the club was staying focused week by week to finalize 4-5 songs before the end of the semester. My favorite memory from a cappella has to be the songograms during Valentine’s Day.” He, as well as many others who had the experience of being part of the club, say that it has been one of the best decisions they have made at PC. It is not only rewarding but teaches students the importance of teamwork.