The Prime Time for Sweater Weather

by The Cowl Editor on December 5, 2019


Exploring Fashion Trends During the Winter Season

by Jennifer Villeda ’20 A&E Staff

From dressing up in warm, chunky sweaters and jeans for family photos, to burrowing in oversized sweatshirts and leggings to watch Hallmark films, to upcoming ugly holiday sweater parties and late nights cramming for finals, sweater weather is having its moment in the spotlight. 

The months of November and December are a time of extreme stress for students as professors are piling on last minute projects and assignments while our minds are off thinking of warm nights at home by the fire with family or a special someone. At this time, people tend to be more subtle with their style. They can be seen sporting sweaters more than anything else because it is comfortable and easy. 

In an article by Alyssa Tria for Yahoo Style, Caroline Maguire, the Shopbop Fashion Director, stated, “Sweaters are the ultimate layering piece.” She went on to say, “Sweaters are perfect for pairing over dresses and can even be worn under denim jackets and blazers.” There is no shortage of how one can adapt a sweater to their wardrobe and its one of the comfiest items in a closest.

In the upcoming week, students will be bombarded with finals and the desire to put effort into daily looks will begin to wane as they spend more time hitting the books and less time caring about anything else. However, you can trust your knitwear to at least give you a cute, messy look. Land’s End wrote in an article to promote their sweaters, “You don’t have to consider how to wear it, what to wear it with, or whether it will look right. There’s a sweater for everything.” 


For the holidays, sweaters are a way to look fashionable without a lot of work. Everyone on Instagram looks great during this season as they sport knits ranging from colorful autumn colors to quirky, vintage looks paired with jeans. Family photos and selfies look thousands of times better as it also makes people look cozy and cute. For example, the internet had a meltdown over Chris Evans wearing a white sweater for his new film, Knives Out, and Huffington Post reported that #ChrisEvans was trending on Twitter as people tweeted how great the actor looked. This may be an extreme case, but nevertheless it is an example of how knitwear adds a cozier and more adorable vibe to the wearer. 

So, bask in the chunky knits as the temperatures  drop, because holiday seasons are made for sweaters. Whether you dress them up with khakis and skirts or down with jeans and leggings, you will still be stealing looks. Sweater weather is here and everyone is welcome.