There is a Lily kneeling

by The Cowl Editor on December 7, 2019


by Sean Tobin ’20

Behold a lily kneeling,
At stable’s cribside stays;
With beauteous music peeling,
His Child God, he will praise
Long after winter days;
And for his sons he pledges
His help and love always.

A Lilly within a bouquet of flowers
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That light that brightens heaven
And plunges down to earth:
Which serves as hopeful leaven,
Which beckons all to mirth,
Excited by that birth;
The lily kneels yet deeper;
Sees now his meager worth.

That flow’r of radiance, lowly,
All men of virtue laud.
That lily kneeling wholly,
He turns up-right, now awed,
To see his Infant God,
And kneels still in the manger
To learn what path to trod.