Warmth, Light, and Hope

by The Cowl Editor on December 7, 2019


by Grace O’Connor ’22

The warm light filled the room as the fire crackled
Sweet sound of music brought smiles to the faces
The smell of cookies floated through the air
Darkness and powder snow surrounded the house

She laid out all the ornaments on the ground
As she smiled and laughed contagiously
The serene look in her eyes brought a wave of comfort
She was full of joy and contentment

She glowed of hope and belief
As she hung the ornaments on the tree
Full of awe while looking at the bright lights
It was the one time where light was felt at night

The most magical day of the year
A day where the world seems to slow down
People spread cheer and eliminate grief
A day where one can believe

Until that belief is gone
Excitement is contained in a wrapped box
Not the tangible love and happiness in the air
The real meaning disappeared as one tears the paper

A scene of a Christmas tree full decorated in a family' living room with the reflection of a smiling girl in one of the ornaments
Graphic design by Connor Zimmerman ’20 & Sarah McLaughlin ’23