Two Writers One Line: “When I read the text, I scream”

by Connor Zimmerman on March 6, 2020


A hand holding a phone with a text message on the screen that reads, "When I read the text, I scream."
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The Glass Shattered Below
by Grace O’Connor ’22

When I read the text, I scream
Glowing from the screen
The words popping out, sucking me in
As my eyes glazed over them
Slowly, in disbelief,
I turned off my phone and
Dropping my face in my hands
Forcing my head up to look at the screen
I picked up my phone unwillingly
Before I knew it, leaving my hand
Hearing the quiet sound of the glass
That shattered below
I breathed in the sharp pain


by Sarah Heavren ’21

When I read the text, I screamed.
I didn’t know what it could mean.
Everything seemed just fine,
But this text brought something to mind.

I tried to forget about
The moment, but now all my doubts
Started rushing over me
Like I’m caught in a storm at sea. 

Sometimes it’s the little things,
And this is the one thing that brings
Back too many painful thoughts.
The past now has my soul drawn taut.

If only people would think
That their words could make a heart sink.
If only somehow they knew
What the meaning of words can do.

I’m now in the deepest dark
With too much weight forced on my heart.
When did the truth of feeling
Become so devoid of meaning?

Why can’t we just be sincere?
Why does that have to disappear?
I’m not broken, I’m not weak.
But I’m human, my feelings speak.