Let’s Rant: Student Teaching Music

by Patrick T Fuller on March 18, 2021

Arts & Entertainment

COVID-19 Challenges and Growth

by Liam O’Hara ’21 A&E Staff


Music teaching has not been the same during the pandemic, specifically for those in the K–12 world. While many music educators have been feeling down during this past year, since there was not a lot of music being made in the classroom, there really is quite a lot to reflect on and a lot to be hopeful for in the years to come. 

In lieu of ensemble rehearsing in K–12 school systems during COVID-19, there is a larger focus on using digital audio workstations such as Soundtrap, GarageBand, Logic Pro X, and Pro Tools. Although students cannot play live music like they could before the pandemic, they are learning more about professional music and being a music producer, which is something that did not happen as much before in K–12 music learning. These are now the tools of teaching to help students be more creative and productive in their music learning.


One other thing to note is that children nowadays are obsessed with technology, and the availability of GarageBand on their phones or tablets has led them to veer away from learning how to play physical instruments. If children are enjoying themselves while on their devices, would it not be a good idea to care for children’s interests and to teach them more about music technology and what tools they can use to make music on their devices? Certainly, the more the classrooms are catered to the students’ interests, the more the children will enjoy themselves.

Although COVID-19 has created challenges for music teaching in K–12 systems, teachers have found new ways to adapt and help their students learn about the music world in innovative ways.