Listomania: Things to do before I graduate

by Elizabeth McGinn on May 6, 2021


Jump in the koi pond

Go streaking in the tunnels

Give a big smooch to Friar Dom

Dress up as Friar Dom

Grab a beer at McPhail’s

Watch Mondoz get rebuilt

Break into Fr. Sicard’s house

Fail a theology class

Participate in Civ Scream

Set a couch on fire

Sacrifice a virgin

Climb the stairs to the top of McVinney

Pull an all-nighter in the library

Get my fake confiscated at Old’s

Get into the Friar Development Center

Win an intramural t-shirt

Finally open my textbooks

Learn the names of the 12 Apostles

Figure out where Sullivan Hall is located on campus

Find out who Tiff & Earl are

Find out who the Serial Pissah is