Editors’ Holiday Wish List

by The Cowl Editor on December 9, 2021


What is your guilty pleasure gift that you would never ask for but wish someone would read your mind and buy for you? 

holiday gifts
photo creds- pexels

Liam Tormey: Off-White VaporMax Shoes

Sarah McLaughlin: Tickets to see Hamilton at PPAC (for the third time…)

Madison Palmieri: Ridiculously expensive Taylor Swift merch

Julia McCoy: the $95 Harry Styles sweatshirt that sold out in like an hour

Taylor Rogers: Pit tickets to Lorde’s upcoming concert 

Colleen Joyce: Perhaps Tessa Young pants to match my Hardin Scott shirt. Or the rest of the After books (the hardcover version, preferably). 

Maura Campbell: Federal student loan forgiveness! (Looking at you, Mr. President)

Abby Brockway: A Nate Watson basketball jersey to increase my chances of making it on the Dunk big-screen during “Jersey-Cam.” Oh, and Taylor merch. 

Nicole Patano: Puzzles large enough to use around the house as rugs, blankets, and shower curtains, etc…