Congress Updates

by awakelin on January 10, 2022

Congress Updates

Nov. 2, 2021 Update: 

On Nov. 2, Student Congress invited Peter Palumbo, Director of Academic Advising, to speak and answer questions. The first question asked was about whether 7:00 A.M. and 7:30 A.M. classes were a component of COVID-19, and if those classes will continue to start that early. Palumbo explained that classes began that early during the pandemic due to limited classroom space and class sizes, and the transition back to “normal schedules” is happening now. 

Another member asked how students will have one-on-one meetings with advisors given the new transition with advising. Palumbo highlighted that meetings with academic advisors will become more meaningful.

Next, a member suggested that advising information should be more accessible to the student body.  

Another member said they have never met their advisor, and they were curious about how that could be changed. Palumbo said that moving away from the current system, they are looking at ways to change the advising process to make it less transactional.  

A member then asked if there were ways to see future class offerings. Palumbo answered that there is not a way yet to view something like that. He recommended that the student could try to use and reference the degree audit for guidance.  

Another member asked if Palumbo foresees any old aspects of CyberFriar coming back. Palumbo answered that nothing from the old system will be brought back. He highlighted that it will take time, learning, and training with the new system, and he is open to feedback.  

Finally, a member asked if Palumbo had any tips for registration day. Palumbo recommended that students save their favorite schedule, make sure they have a good WiFi connection, and that they have several backup schedules and courses.  

Student Congress thanks Peter Palumbo for his time and looks forward to having him again in the future! 

There was no new legislation presented. 

Nov. 9 Update: 

On Nov. 9, Student Congress watched the #PCBreakTheSilence Film on YouTube. After watching the short film, a discussion took place where members shared their thoughts.  

Student Congress thanks Catalina Betancur Velez ’23 and the entire AEC committee for sharing this film with us and encourages the Providence College student body to watch the short film for themselves, reflect, and act.  

Following our discussion of the film, one new piece of legislation was introduced. The new piece of legislation proposed the establishment of a PrePA society at Providence College.