Don’t Let the Job Façade Faze You

by jmccoy3 on January 27, 2022


Don’t Let the Job Façade Faze You

Olivia Bretzman ’22

​Every second semester senior is beginning to feel the pressure of the last few months of student status. Unfortunately for seniors, the pressure to perform directly after graduation is intense at Providence College.  ​

​The idealization of already having secured a job post-graduation or going into graduate school application-craze mode in this very moment seeps out of the classroom and daily conversations of the class of 2022. 

​However, career paths are not as cut-and-dry as the PC culture and some parents continually portray them to be. While many business school students have their first entry-level job laid out post-graduation, they are some of the only students with a clear idea of their future. Even they will likely switch paths soon after their 90-hour work weeks drive them to insanity.

While the pressure may be on, there are so many reasons to take a step back, breathe, and truly take in your last experiences at PC.​ First, you are not alone. Most seniors feel confused, frustrated, and conflicted with what to do after graduation. Many are realizing that perhaps what they set out to study is not exactly what they want to do. Or maybe it is exactly what they love, but their luck with finding the perfect job that offers an entry-level position is incredibly stressful.

For that reason, this summer of 2022 exists! If given the opportunity, take the summer to move home, live with a friend, find an odd job, and make some money while thinking of your next career move.

Second, it is a proven fact that not all career paths are linear. Even if you start out in an entry-level HR position, you could change your mind in two or even 15 years and go to grad school or take a year to think and explore other avenues. 

It is incredibly important and helpful to talk to parents, mentors, and friends to legitimize this concept. Hearing others’ stories and conventional but also unconventional, difficult paths can help settle anxieties.

Converse with roommates and friends in the senior class! Chances are many of these individuals are beginning to realize these same concepts, which is incredibly comforting.  

No matter what one’s job status currently is, the end of college is a transitional point in life for everyone. It requires a deep sense of appreciation for all the hard work finally accomplished. It also requires a level of maturity and reflection on how to move forward.  

Now, this “moving forward” should not be rushed. Not many good decisions are made within minutes, but rather necessitate deliberation over a long period of time. One should take time to explore their passions, what truly fuels them, and even travel if they get the chance.

Life is incredibly short. To miss out on life’s opportunities for discomfort and growth is a true tragedy. To ignore those lessons and one’s true calling is an even bigger one.

No matter where one is in their journey formalizing post-graduation plans, the most important things right now are to release the pressure, accept reality – even if it is scary – and enjoy the last moments of senior year.