by trogers5 on March 3, 2022


Professor Red Flags I Wish I Noticed Earlier in the Semester:

  • No syllabus week
  • Small word counts for essays (only for English/Creative Writing  majors)
  • Long word counts for essays (for every other major)
  • Asks for papers single-spaced
  • Wants printed and digital copies
  • No laptops allowed in class (they’re cutting into my online shopping time…)
  • Printing out every handout for class
  • Plugs their own journal articles
  • Has group projects
  • Cold-calls
  • Gives oral exams
  • Doesn’t reply to emails
  • Emails too much
  • Doesn’t let you use the bathroom
  • Gets mad when someone uses the bathroom
  • Not enough office hours
  • Doesn’t take off their jacket
  • Uses a chalkboard (and doesn’t mind the squeaking)
  • “I don’t really give out As…”
  • Doesn’t use Sakai
  • Doesn’t learn anyone’s names
  • Makes due dates midnight instead of 11:59 p.m.