by The Cowl Editor on September 8, 2022


an image stating "back to school"
photo creds: pixabay

Worst Things To Hear During Syllabus Week

  • “We’ll start class today with a quiz/pop quiz”
  • “I don’t like to give out As”
  • “Okay class, let’s take out the reading!”
  • “No unexcused absences”
  • “We won’t have breaks during class” (it’s a marathon class)
  • “The final for this class will count for over half of your grade”
  • “Attendance is required for this class”
  • “No tech”
  • “There’s gonna be a final paper and exam”
  • “Barely anybody has passed this class before”
  • “I will be cold calling”
  • “Participation is worth 40% of your final grade”
  • “Let’s do an ice breaker”