Four Years in the Blink of an Eye: Get Out There, Freshmen

by Meghan Mitchell '23 on September 9, 2022
Opinion Staff


The decision to attend college is an important one for Americans, whether that be a community college or an Ivy League university. While the institutions are a place for learning, colleges and universities have a social aspect unlike anything many freshmen have experienced in high school. Many go into the college of their choice knowing no one, which can lead to loneliness in the beginning. The first couple of nights at college can feel miserable for some. Feeling like the only person who does not know anyone is so isolating. It is easy to believe one has made a mistake. 

Asking people how to make friends can be intimidating, but through this experience one learns something about Providence College. There’s a simple way to make friends at PC that doesn’t involve going to parties every week. Freshmen, get out there. Don’t lock yourself in your room all day. Go to the involvement fair, join some clubs, attend BOP events, and talk to people. People cannot meet you if you are always hiding in your room. While it can be scary, especially for those who are more introverted, it is one of the best ways to make friends outside of roommates and those who you may meet in class. 

The College has so many clubs and organizations for students. Last year many clubs had a staggeringly low percentage of freshmen joining them. Many reportedly also chose to eat in their rooms rather than in public areas such as Ray, opting instead to grab a to-go box. While sometimes constantly being social can be exhausting, eating alone in your dorm room should not be made a habit. Sometimes new friends will just plop down next to you in Ray while you are eating lunch. Start a conversation; maybe you have something in common. Talk about your hobbies, classes, major, events coming up that you’re excited about, whatever. That stranger who was just looking for a place to eat their sandwich may just end up being a best friend for life. Go to bingo on Thursdays; it is a great way to meet people and engage in PC traditions. During Food Truck Friday, talk to people while waiting in line. 

Freshmen, Class of 2026, get out there. Do not hide in your room doing nothing but homework. Try to make the best of your time here at PC. You’ll never meet your best friends for life if you don’t put yourself out there. Get out there and socialize. Go Friars.