Sports Betting Picks of the Week

by Joseph Quirk on November 17, 2022


Greetings fellow bettors. It is I, the Shepherd, here to give out gifts. It’s the holiday season and I’m feeling generous. Black Friday is coming up and we will all need to get to the bookstore to get something nice for our mothers. This year, let’s ball out and get her something special. Don’t worry fellas, I got nothing but locks for you. We will be bringing in so much money that the bookstore will be bought out in a matter of weeks. 

My first lock of the week is Thursday night Packers vs. Titans. I already know what you’re thinking. The Titans getting three points? It’s too easy. That’s why you are a sheep. You see the game and you think it’s free money. I know it’s a scary bet, but don’t fear; your Shepherd is here to guide you. Don’t be the sheep taking the Titans and the points. This line makes no sense. The Titans should be favorites which is why the Packers are such a lock. When Vegas zigs, we zag. After we cash in the Packers –3 over the Titans, we need to make more money. 

Oh boy, do I have another lock for you. There are two college football games where we can just print money. The first one that I love is Southern Methodist University +135 over Tulane University on Thursday night. The spread as of now is SMU +3.5. SMU is 6–4, yet they are only getting three points on a Tulane team that was ranked last week. This is where we pounce. The average bettor knows less about college sports, which is where we make our money. Everyone is going to see a team that was ranked last week only giving three points to an average at best SMU squad. Tulane is coming off an emotional loss, making this a prime letdown spot. I’ll take SMU to win easily 52–38 in a track meet in New Orleans. 

The other big lock of the day follows the same pattern. Baylor University is only getting three points against Texas Christian University. The Horned Frogs have been a nice story this year in college football. They can go hang the banner that they were better than they expected. What I can promise you is that they will not be in the College Football Playoff. Our Providence Friars have the same chance of making the playoff that TCU has. Baylor has been disappointing, but they can salvage the season a little when they play spoiler for TCU. Give me Baylor to win outright 34–27 in a great game in Waco. 

My NFL play of the week could have been written back in August. This game has already happened, and I know the winner. The New York Jets simply did not beat the Patriots. It is in their DNA to lose to their divisional foe. The three things we can count on in life are death, taxes, and the Jets losing to the Patriots. The Jets haven’t beaten the Pats since the Nixon administration. I don’t care what the Jets’ record is; they are who they have always been. Don’t buy into the hype. Belichick will simply out-coach the Jets so hard they might forfeit the rest of the season. Give me Patriots-26, Jets-10 in an ugly game. Patriots to win is my double unit mortal lock of the week.

Remember that gambling can be addictive, and if you feel you have an issue, call 1-800-GAMBLER for help. Gambling should only be done within your means with money you can afford to lose. With that being said, enjoy all of the extra soda money for the AMP courtesy of the Shepherd.