by Anna Pomeroy '23 on January 29, 2023
Portfolio Staff


One year ago today I was 3,306 miles away from home.

I initially chose to go abroad to London because I wanted to travel the world and explore a Culture I wasn’t too familiar with.

I left home with no knowledge of what the next four months were going to be.

I remember the car ride from the airport to my apartment.

I stared out the window the entire time, partly because of car sickness…

But also in an attempt to find some recognition of home.

While the car ride there left me with only my imagination as to what lay ahead, 

I spent the ride back to the airport unable to imagine a life without this experience. 

Little did I know I’d walk away with ten best friends 

And memories to last a lifetime.

I thought my time there would be consumed by constant travel

And exploring other countries in Europe.

Yet, I found the city of London so much more enticing.

And while the restaurants, places, and nightlife were fulfilling

On their own—

I find myself only thinking about the people I met there. 

While our homes differ across the United States,

We all chose to make London our temporary home for four months.

I crossed rare paths with people that I probably would’ve never met in my life.

Not only do we share memories of studying abroad, but we shaped each other’s

Experiences—a crucial time in our life that we will always look back on.