A Letter to My Home

by Taylor Rogers '24 on February 10, 2023
Portfolio Co-Editor


To the residents of Manchester, New Hampshire:

Hello from Barcelona! Right now, I am sitting in a too-cold cafe sipping on a chai latte that fails to overload me with flavors the way my typical order from Dunkin’ does. The people around me are whispering, laughing, and talking in Spanish, and I find myself picking up on basic vocabulary thanks to my four years of sleeping through my required class in high school. I pick at my croissant as I think about home, reminiscing on my baby blue bedroom that has far more light than the apartment I reside in. Inspired, I whip out my laptop to start my homework, allowing my mind to drift to other places.

Already, I am planning out the places you guys must visit when you see me! I can picture the four of us sitting in the cozy chairs of my favorite restaurant, El Nano Bellaterra, listening to Spanish music that gets even the most stoic person in the room dancing. You would love the concept of tapas, which are delicious appetizers you get before a meal that ranges from patatas bravas to chupitos. I would excitedly show you the ups and downs of riding the metro, pointing out my typical route to school that takes you right into the center of Barcelona. There, you’d all find comfort in international chains like McDonald’s or Taco Bell, which I would gently tell you to avoid in favor of slightly better restaurants. 

Absentmindedly, I stir my cup of coffee while I picture the four of us walking down Las Ramblas, where they have fresh fruit worthy of admiration at the outdoor markets. We would definitely buy way more fruit than we need and adore the taste of non-preservative food. You guys would be amazed at how well I know the city and make offhand comments about my navigation skills that magically got better while living in a foreign country. Riding on the metro together would provide me with enough entertainment for the week, and we would have the best time in Barcelona. 

Before you guys visit, I will thoroughly explore the entirety of my new home, so that I can take you to the best possible places. While I miss everyone dearly, I promise to make the most of my experience here and continue to text you routine updates. Before we know it, we’ll all be together in Barcelona, and I can’t wait for you to visit me!

Love you all!