Extra! Extra! Read All About It (And Wear It, Too)!

by Kaelin Ferland '23 on April 6, 2023
Opinion Staff


ECOPC and Fashion Society Host Newspaper Dress Event

The past two weekends, ’64 Hall was covered with mannequins, flowers, pleats, and ruffles. On Feb. 20 and Feb. 26, ECOPC and PC Fashion Society hosted two six-hour long sessions giving students the opportunity to design and create dresses by repurposing leftover copies of The Cowl. The four teams that participated in Project Runway: Cowl Edition were provided with only newspaper, Mod Podge, hot glue, scissors, string, paint brushes, and tape to create their designs, as well as a mannequin pre-prepared with a paper-mache bodice.

The goal of the event was to promote sustainability and show students how it’s possible to reuse materials that would otherwise be thrown away in new, creative ways. Participating students had the opportunity to win prizes:  $150 and $75 gift cards for first and second place respectively.

ECOPC Executive Board Member Caitlin McHugh ’24 explains that she is hopeful about the future of sustainability at PC because of this event. “This event is just a small example of how with a little creativity, our community can take great strides towards being more sustainable while also providing a space for people to express themselves in a fun manner,” she says. 

Alex O’Neill ’23, President of PC Fashion Society, is also thinking about the future of this event. “It’s a great opportunity to combine creativity, fashion, and repurposing of materials,” she says. “I’d love to see the event developed even more in the future to make all kinds of junk couture.” 

Opinion Editor for The Cowl and ECOPC member Christina Charie ’25 adds, “I have always loved advocating for social change while exploring my artistic passions. The event provides the opportunity to do both.”

The four dresses created varied in length, shape, and technique, showcasing an array of creative ways to utilize newspapers.

“Caught in Motion,” created by Kaelin Ferland ’23, Sarah McLaughlin ’23, Sam Dietel ’23, and Christina Charie ’25, featured over 100 paper flowers cascading down its bodice and a-line style skirt and adorning its headpiece. It had a subtle sweetheart neckline and dipped back, which were decorated with braided newspaper along the hem. The dress was completed with a pink belt and a large matching bow on the back.

Showcasing the word “opinion” on the neckline was the appropriately named “Opinion Piece,” created by Martina Scarpa ’25 and Erin Williams ’25. It was an avant-garde mermaid style dress featuring a unique floating neckline and a fitted skirt. The dress flared at the bottom with newspaper ruffles and was accessorized with a pink chain-link paper choker necklace.

Creatively titled “Roses are Read” by Alex O’Neill ’23 and Olivia Belt ’25, this dress featured newspaper roses around the piece. It had a long, pleated, tiered skirt with a ribbed corset style bodice.

“Miranda Priestly Approved,” a nod to the film The Devil Wears Prada, created by Rachel Burke ’26, Daniella Sallese ’26, and Maria Mantini ’26 featured a sweetheart neckline decorated with crinkled paper gems along the edge. It had a colorful, ruffled high-low skirt and a black belt with white star details. The dress was topped off with a circular pleated headpiece.

The dresses will be judged by theater professor and resident scenic and costume designer David Cabral and professor Stephen Lacy of the Art Department. Winning teams will be announced tomorrow, March 3.