Letter to the Editor: Racism Within Rhode Island

by The Cowl Editor on April 20, 2023

Letters to the Editor

Did you know that there is a white supremacist group in Rhode Island looking to recruit people to make their cause heard? This group of neo-Nazis in Rhode Island is grasping the attention of residents by attaching flyers to rocks to recruit white European people in the area. White supremacy in Rhode Island is essential to address because the community of people of color residing in cities such as Providence is at risk of becoming threatened and ultimately oppressed (even more so than they are now) due to the presence of the Nationalist Social Club 131. We hope that communities of people of color feel heard and safe within their homes. Ultimately, the continued ignorance of groups like this club and people’s ignorance about the extent of racism in New England will continue to divide the community and will result in more lives lost, more people living in fear, and the escalation of racism.

How can we, as Providence College students, help this cause and bring the correct attention to it? We as a community are not going to tackle the issue of racism with one shot. In addition, it’s important to have non-linear thinking when we approach these issues. Non-linear thinking is when you do not expect linear results. This is important to keep in mind when working as a community to tackle racism, because it’s not always going to go as planned or feel like it’s making a difference, even when it is. 

With that being said, reaching out to the NAACP is a great way to improve the community by learning more about the civil rights organization or simply reporting racial incidents, such as the flier the white supremacist group is distributing.

Let’s do all we can to improve our community and those around us! Contact the closest NAACP:

Phone: 401-521-6222
Email: naacpprovidence@gmail.com

Address: 7 Thomas P Whitten Way, Providence, RI 02903

– Kelvin Afranie ’25, Juanjose Cabrera ’26, Quade Oser ’25, and Aneeya Samone Dancy ’26