Looking Back at Early Barbie Movies after the Live-Action Barbie Trailer Release

by Nina Miscioscia '24 on May 29, 2023
A&E Staff

Arts & Entertainment

“I’m just like you!” “You’re just like me!” from Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper is ringing through all of our minds after watching the new Barbie trailer and witnessing the massive amount of love this film is getting even before its release. There could not be a more perfect casting for the main characters Barbie and Ken,  played by Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. The plot has not been entirely revealed to the public in the trailer or through any leaks, as many of the cast are alluding to a Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 plot twist. However, what is known is that Barbie and Ken will journey from the Barbie world to the real world and face the consequences that come with it. Even without the plot revealed, opening weekend will definitely be flooding with tickets from eager Gen-Z and Millennial fans hoping to relive their childhood love for Barbie movies. 

But before you go see Barbie, why not brush up on some of my favorite nostalgic Barbie movies? There is so much to love about the Barbie movies from the 2000s: the pastel colors, the classical music, and their take on classic fairy tales. To build up your Barbie cinematic universe resume, start with Barbie Fairytopia. Barbie Fairytopia has a strong protagonist with Elina, the only fairy without wings, and a very memorable fuzzy friend Bibble. Of the three movies, Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia worked hand in hand with H20: Just Add Water to give our generation the mermaid phase we definitely deserved. Skipping the third movie of the trilogy, shift to Barbie and Magic of the Pegasus. I beg you: go watch this movie now and compare it to how you viewed it as a child because this is the creepiest Barbie villain of any of the BCU, not to mention that the love interest has a very wild backstory for a children’s movie. Princess Anika must go on a quest to piece together a magic wand to defeat the villain, and to break the spell over her sister and her kingdom. Next, watch either Barbie of Swan Lake or Barbie as Rapunzel. Each of these Barbie movies will give you great visuals, amazing classical music, and magical dresses that are to die for. To decide on what to watch, just ask what mood you are in—a dragon and a magic paintbrush or Janice from Friends as a Barbie villain! 

Finish your marathon with two of the best pieces of cinema we have seen come out of the BCU so far with Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses or the instant classic Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper. I would honestly classify this as a crime to film if you have yet to see these before Robbie takes stage as the classic Barbie. These retellings are exactly what has made the BCU beloved by generations and give Hollywood the fanbase to create a live-action Barbie