A Barbie Epiphany

by Meg Brodeur '24 on November 4, 2023
Portfolio Co-Editor


Cinematic light illuminates her face, revealing the onset of tears

slowly sliding down the puffy skin of her cheeks

like silver raindrops gliding down a passenger window

on a dreary inclement day

She used to savor those bleak days—

and wrap herself up in a blanket of melancholy,

enveloped by the Earth’s dismal mood

Back then she considered sorrow a mere aesthetic,  

essential to the music video playing in her mind-

the one she always starred in

For a moment, she’s brought back to the theater—

feeling a gentle squeeze from his strong hand—

and finds concern hiding behind the warmth of his brown eyes

A smile cracks through the mourning of her lost girlhood,

like a ray of sun through a heavy blanket of clouds

Perhaps she’ll tell him later, what Margot Robbie reminded her of—

the version of herself who dreamed in hues of pink.