BOP Hosts Prova

by Liam Dunne '26 on November 5, 2023
News Co-Editor


Friday, Sept. 15 marked the Board of Programmers’ (BOP) annual Prova event. Prova took place on the lawn between Davis Hall and Ryan Business Center last Friday afternoon. With an 80’s theme, BOP offered students a chance to “experience a part of the 80’s with roller skating, spin art, tie dye, food trucks, and more!” To accommodate the roller skating, BOP featured an expansive hard-plastic surface placed over Ryan Lawn for students to skate upon. More than 150 students registered for the event, and many walked away with prizes from their experience, be it spin-art, tie-dye, or other awards from various activities. Mixed among the activities and attendees were BOP members, easily identifiable in their light blue shirts. 

Prova was in part facilitated by Myles Johnson ’24, president of BOP. He saw the social gathering as a success, “We saw a good turnout given the weather – I think people really enjoyed the giveaway items and the shirts were a big hit.” This trend has characterized the year so far for BOP, who have featured many other events this year. The fall and spring bring outdoor gatherings (when good weather permits) for students to enjoy each other’s company and the campus visuals. According to Johnson, “We’ve gotten off to a great start this year -– we saw the biggest Newport trip in the club’s history, while other events such as Coffee Stop, Bags & Bouquets, and Feast Around the World have each drawn huge crowds.” Whether you go to Ryan Lawn or Newport, BOP features exciting, inclusive events for students on a frequent basis. 

For members of the class of 2027, attending BOP events is not only a great way to meet new people, but also to help familiarize oneself with parts of campus culture in a casual, fun manner. Like The Cowl, BOP is a student-run organization. They host the biggest events every year, like the Spring Concert and Black & White Ball. BOP hosts off-campus events as well, such as the aforementioned Newport trip. BOP strives to “enrich your immersion in the PC community by bringing you the most fun and diverse events to make the most of your four years at Providence College.” If you’ve attended BOP events and would like to be a part of creating these wonderful experiences, submit an application! The office is located across from McPhail’s in Lower Slavin 12.