A Flash of Blonde

by Taylor Rogers '24 on November 10, 2023
Portfolio Co-Editor


When I was smiling with my friends, a flash of blonde caught my eyes,

Flying through the wind of the boardwalk,

Weaving in and out of nameless figures with fierce determination.

I hardly caught a glimpse of a face,

Yet my heart began to race

Mourning a lover it never had,

A body it never touched,

A pair of lips it had yet to kiss.

My feet stumbled, 

Tripping over the air in the direction of the strand,

Attempting to propel me forward,

Straight into the sea of humanity whose waves refuse to part.

A tug at my wrist from a well-meaning friend holds me back,

Blonde fading into blue,

And I “dramatically” rub my eyes,

The unknown staying the unknown despite my heart wishing otherwise.